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Permanent Eyeliner

permanent makeup, eyeliner tattoo, lip tattoo

Permanent eyeliner enhances your eyes.

The color of your eyes is more intense and the technique can be as natural or as dramatic as you wish.

Lash enhancement is a new, subtle technique where pigment is placed in the lash line, making your lashes appear thicker.

Styles can be dramatic such as a cat-eye effect, or a softer, smudgier effect with shading and multiple colors.  $350

Permanent Lip Color

lip tattoo, permanent makeup

Permanent lip liner, blended with or without lip color can be beautiful.

This procedure helps prevent the look of your lipstick bleeding and can also correct an asymmetrical lip line.

Another wonderful benefit to lip color is a fuller, sexier pout.  Colors are customized to match your preference and/or favorite lip color.  $350



Nicole Bower

 Nicole is a licensed esthetician and permanent makeup artist and holds a bachelor's degree from Virginia Tech.  She began her career in the beauty industry traveling the east coast with Estee Lauder as a trainer and makeup artist.

Educating others about how to accentuate their natural beauty and care for their skin became her mission and led her to establish her own business.

Currently, she can be found as a featured beauty expert on WFXR's Living Local morning show where she shares her tips and secrets.

Her passion for beauty and extensive education and training make her an intuitive skin specialist and permanent makeup artist.

Book your experience with her today!