Our medical weight loss program gives you safe, predictable results

Medical Weight loss

Medical weight loss program


Safe, Predictable Solutions

Don't let your past frustrations prevent you from reaching your goals. Our health care providers and staff at Skin Deep Medical have helped many men and women like you and they want to offer you the same great benefits of weight loss results without the pain and expense of surgery or the crippling stress of overly restrictive diets.

Trim Down Naturally with Lipotropic Complex

Lipotropic Complex is a weekly injection that uses a combination of several different B vitamins and  amino acids to help your body burn fat faster and more efficiently. Together with a sensible diet plan, Lipotropic Complex can trigger your body to lose up to 2 pounds a week, without all the stress and risks of gastric bypass surgery or aggressive dieting. We offer advanced special combinations of ingredients for diabetics or insulin-resistant patients. Our firm belief is that this program achieves the changes you need in behavior modification, the back bone of lasting weight loss!


$100.00 : Initial Consult, medical assessment, EKG, Lipotropic Complex Injection, plus 1 follow up visit

$80.00 : Restarting program. This is for previous patients only who have not attended for over 1 year

$60.00 :Package of 3 follow up visits includes monitoring  progress, counseling, vitals and injection

$25.00 : Price per single follow up visit

$30.00 : TSH ( Thyroid ) required for all Phentermine prescriptions

Supplements and appetite suppressants are available for an additional cost, but not required.

Rapid Weight Loss Program- HCG

HCG is a naturally-produced hormone that in proper doses and combined with a low-calorie diet can achieve rapid weight loss. We recommend this treatment program for patients who either want to lose weight more quickly or hit a plateau in their current weight loss program. We have found that HCG weight loss is a safe and natural way to lose 1 to 2 pounds per day.

HCG weight loss consists of a daily injection that is easy and comfortable with an insulin-size syringe and a 500 calorie diet. Patients on this diet do not feel hungry because with every pound of fat lost approximately 3000 calories are released into the body. These calories are then metabolized, so there is not much need for additional food intake.

A 23 day HCG program is $300 with all supplies necessary.  An extra 3 weeks can be added for $150.00. The HCG comes from a reputable pharmacy and we have studied the protocol in depth.

Maintenance is the Key to long term success.

Our philosophy..... Lose now what you can maintain. The rest will come. Continuing to maintain what you have lost is the key to successful long term weight management.

We know it is pointless and expensive to keep losing weight you cannot maintain.