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What is microblading?

This service uses a hand tool to create thin, precise strokes that look like your natural hair.  Shading can be combined with this method to add a sheer layer of color to produce more defined results.

I will alter the technique used based on your desired results.  This service includes brow mapping to define the size, shape, symmetry and color prior to numbing.  You will be involved in this process from start to finish to ensure you get the look you want.

Microblading takes approximately 2 hours to complete and results typically last between 1-2 years.  A touch up appointment is included and scheduled 6-8 weeks after the initial service and yearly maintenance is required after that.

* This service CANNOT be performed on anyone who is under 18, pregnant, nursing, sunburned, taking Accutane, undergoing Cancer treatments, susceptible to keloid scars, or has had Botox in the treatment area within 2 weeks of the appointment.

* You MUST avoid excess water, sweat and sun for 7-10 days post procedure.  $300


Nicole Bower

 Nicole is a licensed esthetician and permanent makeup artist and holds a Bachelor's degree from Virginia Tech. 

She received her permanent makeup training through Jeannette Wirz in Nashville, TN, a highly reputable company in the permanent makeup industry. 

Her passion for beauty and extensive education and training have set her up for success as an intuitive skin specialist and permanent makeup artist. 

Currently, she can be found as a featured beauty expert on WFXR's Living Local morning show where she shares her tips and secrets.

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